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Best Treks to do in India

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As adventure lovers, we’ve always been at an advantage due to this. we’ve innumerable trails to explore and unimaginable beauty to witness. The Himalayas have always been the destination that we can trust blindly and we have always immensely enjoyed the days we have spent discovering new trails as well as traversing the old ones. trekking in India is an experience unlike the other and one must make sure that they get the best of this experience.

Here’s a compilation of the simplest treks to do in India.

Different locations have different regions, highest altitude, trekking distance, number of days, starting point and ending point.

Best Time To Travel To







How To Reach







Reasons To Undertake To








Things To Carry






Level Of Difficulty

Some treks in India have a difficulty level ranging from easy to medium, and difficult to very difficult. Level of difficulty of the trek depends on various factors such as its highest altitude, varying temperatures, unpredictable weather conditions, and the fitness level of an individual.

Places To Travel To

Some Facts




Trekking in India is immensely gratifying. There’s much to see and many miles to tread. Each trek you undertake and ultimately conquer becomes an element of you and you relive them oftentimes via pictures, stories, and memories. Once you’ve got experienced adventure trekking in India, there’s no going back.  


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